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Museum of Boundless Creativity

boundless creativity and ahrc logos

This September the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) will be opening its first ever digital collection - the Museum of Boundless Creativity - which will be available to browse 24/7.

The new digital only museum is part of the Boundless Creativity campaign that is highlighting the importance of the cultural and creative industries during coronavirus.

National Gallery

We need your help in establishing this unique collection. The Museum of Boundless Creativity will be a celebration of the short 21st century so far and the people, ideas and objects that have transformed our lives and changed our relationship with music, literature, theatre, drama, film, TV and so much more.

The cultural and creative industries have played such an important role in enhancing our well-being and have become a vital part of the UK economy, helping to bolster our international reputation. Research has been at the heart of this rapid expansion in the last two decades and the AHRC’s flagship Creative Industries Clusters Programme is all about finding the new products, services and start-up companies that will support the sector well into the 2020s and beyond.

You have until 1700 on Friday 28 August to nominate an object, idea or person that you feel has transformed the creative and cultural industries in the last twenty years. You’ll have 150 words to make the case for why you feel that your nomination should be added to the collection and you can share via social media using the hashtag #BoundlessCreativity.

Man listening to iPod

We have included some ideas below of the things that might be nominated, and we asked some people who are passionate about the cultural and creative industries to suggest what they’d put forward.

  • the iPod
  • free access to museums
  • creation of Netflix streaming
  • Sky Arts
  • Wolf Hall
  • Minecraft
  • Podcasts
  • Opening ceremony London Olympic Games

After the closing date for nominations a team of experts, with a new head curator, will select twenty ideas, objects or people for the opening of the Museum of Boundless Creativity. 

When the museum opens for virtual business, we will be running a poll to find which of the carefully selected items is seen by the public as the biggest game-changer for the creative and cultural industries so far in the 21st century.