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Supporting and encouraging innovation lies at the heart of the AHRC’s strategy. Our work in the Creative Economy, knowledge exchange and design are important aspects of innovation and creativity in research.

But innovation can also be supported through new models of partnership, for example, new methodologies in business or community engagement, novel ways of sharing knowledge and skills, identifying new areas of research or supporting interdisciplinary approaches.

Creative Economy Research

The United Kingdom's (UK) Creative Economy, which embraces the creative industries and the cultural sector, is a dynamic and vital part of the UK’s economy. The creative industries contributed a record £91.8 billion to the UK economy in 2016, official statistics show.

Design Research

Design has been identified by the AHRC as a strategic priority in our 2011-15 delivery plan and we have developed a programme of complementary activity to explore this.

Environment Portfolio

 Arts and humanities researchers and disciplines can offer unique and essential perspectives and approaches to understanding weather, climate change, and natural history, each with important implications for the way we engage people in caring for and protecting their environment.

Health and Wellbeing Research Portfolio

The world faces a wide range of health and wellbeing challenges, and the arts and humanities have the capacity to make significant impacts that can transform lives, experiences and healthcare practices.

Heritage Research

Heritage has been identified by the AHRC as one of three priority areas, alongside Design and Languages.  Over the past few years AHRC has built upon its previous investments and enhanced its work in this area through partnerships with other agencies, targeted calls and collaborations both in the UK and internationally.

Knowledge Exchange and Partnerships

Knowledge Exchange Hubs connect excellent research in the arts and humanities with a range of creative and cultural organisations. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships support UK businesses helping them access the knowledge and expertise available within UK universities and colleges.

Migration Research Portfolio

Migration is the driver of some of the most significant demographic, social, economic, political and cultural changes of present times. It raises questions about culture, identity, society and history. Migration challenges are a long-standing focus of public debate, and a current priority in national, regional and global policy agendas across the world.

Modern Language Research

Modern Languages are defined by us as any language currently in use in the world today and a discipline identified as an area of strategic priority. It is our vision to broaden the perception of Modern Languages beyond the acquisition and training of new language skills, to include more mature forms of research that are methodologically innovative, ambitious and interdisciplinary.

Research in Film Awards

The AHRC Research in Film Awards (RIFA) is the only film awards dedicated to celebrating and recognising arts and humanities research through film. Now in its fifth year, the awards are designed to showcase and reward the best of the growing number of high-quality short films.

New Generation Thinkers - 2019

This scheme aims to develop a new generation of academics who can bring the best of university research and scholarly ideas to a broad audience.