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Research Networking Scheme

A highlight notice is currently in place under the Research Networking scheme for International collaboration with one or more of the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Taiwan

Further specific guidance on the international highlight notice is available.

A second highlight notice is in place to support public policy engagement, fostering partnership and collaboration between researchers, policy makers, and policy intermediary bodies.

Further specific guidance on the public policy highlight notice is available.

Details of the Research Networking Scheme, its aims, assessment criteria and application requirements can be found in the Research Funding Guide section.

The Research Networking Scheme remains entirely open to proposals addressing any topic and proposals to the scheme do not need to address any of these themes.

Additional information for proposals applying under the highlight notice are to be read in conjunction with the Research Funding Guide.


The AHRC work with the RCUK Shared Services Centre (SSC) to deliver all of our funding activities. All queries regarding eligibility for funding and applications in progress and also queries regarding current awards, should be directed to the SSC team dealing with your subject area. Contact information is published on the contacts page.