All costs associated with the research project must be justified in the Justification for Resources attachment, with the following exceptions:

  • Estates costs
  • Indirect costs
  • Investigator salary costs
  • Some other Directly Allocated - general technical services
  • Shared lab equipment.

Although Investigators’ precise salary level need not be justified, the balance of staffing - between investigators, research assistants and project students of different levels of experience and seniority - and the amount of time that Investigators will devote to the project, must be justified fully within the Case for Support. If your proposal includes international co-investigators and you are applying to cover their salary or replacement teaching costs, you must state the reasons why are applying those costs as well as the amount of time the co-investigator is committed to the project (although you are not required to justify the level of salary the co-investigator is being paid).

If you wish to include costs associated with dissemination and the knowledge exchange of activities within your research proposal, you should ensure that the end-date for your project is timed to accommodate these activities. Any such costs must be directly related to the research.

Costs may only be claimed for activities undertaken during the period of an AHRC award. Any such costs must be directly related to the research.