The AHRC has clarified its rules on resubmissions. An application will normally be rejected prior to review stage (termed ‘Office Reject’ in Je-S Status Reporting), because of a failure to adhere to AHRC’s scheme or call rules. Applicants rejected in this way will be informed of the reasons why their application was rejected and that they are permitted to submit the application again. The notification used in such rejections can be found on our website here.

If the application is rejected at any further point in the peer review process (either following the review stage or the meeting stage) applicants will not be allowed to resubmit the same, or substantively similar, proposal to the same scheme unless explicitly invited to do so in the outcome notification of the proposal. Such invitations will only be given in very particular circumstances. For information, the notifications used in our rejection notification emails are listed on our website here.

Invited resubmissions will be assessed in the usual way in competition with all other proposals. The original notification will advise clearly that the application has been rejected following review or meeting stage and any issues the applicant may need to consider in submitting the proposal again. If the same or similar application to one which was previously rejected following the review stage or the meeting stage is received but which was not an invited resubmission, it will be rejected.