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Pathways to Impact

The Pathways to Impact attachment is your opportunity to describe in more detail how the potential impacts of the research beyond academia, as outlined in the Impact Summary, will be realised. Taking into account what is reasonable and appropriate given the nature of the research you propose to conduct, you are asked to describe how the proposed research will be managed to engage any users and beneficiaries that have been identified, or to identify potential users and beneficiaries as the research progresses, and to increase the likelihood of achieving impacts. In presenting your plans, you should tailor and target your impact activities to ensure that they are relevant to the specific user and beneficiary groups likely to be interested in your research and appropriate for supporting the potential research impacts outlined. Innovative and creative approaches are strongly encouraged.

When completing the attachment, you should consider (and address if appropriate) methods for communications and engagement, collaboration and exploitation. You should also detail who will be undertaking any impact activities and include any resource implications in the financial summary and in the separate Justification of Resources attachment.

The attachment should be up to 2 sides of A4 in Arial font no smaller than size 11 and normal margin sizes of 2cm must be used.

For up to date guidance on Pathways to Impact, please see the RCUK website.