Due acknowledgement of support received from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) must be made in accordance with the AHRC’s acknowledgement of support guidelines.

Access to Data - deposit of resources or datasets

Grant Holders should abide by the RCUK Common Principles on Data.

Grant Holders in all areas must make any significant electronic resources or datasets created as a result of research funded by the Council available in an accessible and appropriate depository for at least three years after the end of their grant. The choice of depository should be appropriate to the nature of the project and accessible to the targeted audiences for the material produced.

Non-academic partner (Follow-On Funding for Impact and Engagement)

Where a grant has a non-academic partner, then the Research Organisation must notify the Research Council if there are any changes to the commitments outlined in the Letter of Support. The RO must provide the Research Council with details of their plans to respond to any such changes.

Terminology (Follow-On Funding for Impact and Engagement)

References to research projects and activities apply in this scheme to the programme of knowledge exchange, public engagement, dissemination or commercialisation activities.

PhD project studentships (Research Grants)

The period of the PhD project studentship must fall within the dates of the AHRC Research Grants award. The RO must contact the Research Council to request an extension to the Research Grant if any suspension (due to maternity leave or sick leave) of the studentship occurs which will result in the end date of the studentship falling after the current end date of the grant.

Project students funded by the Council must meet the conditions relating to residence and academic qualifications set out in the Council’s Student Funding Guide.

ROs must keep all information relating to included studentships updated on Je-S in a timely and accurate fashion in accordance with the Council’s Student Funding Guide

PhD Project Students supported by the Council must be registered either as a probationary research student or for a doctoral degree. By the beginning of the final year of the award, the student must be fully registered for a doctoral degree.

PhD Project Studentships attached to Research Grants will be subject to the same terms and conditions, with respect to such matters as monitoring and supervision of study, as are set out in the Council’s Student Funding Guide. Submission rates will be monitored alongside those of students funded through the Council’s postgraduate studentship schemes.

Please note that Je-S must be updated with the details of the project student within one month of the student’s start date in accordance with the AHRC Training Grant Funding Guide (PDF, 254KB).