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Reporting, Outcomes and researchfish®

Submitting the details of outputs, outcomes, and impacts

All AHRC grant holders are required to record the details of any outcomes generated in the researchfish® outcomes collection system. For research grants and fellowships this can be done from within a few months after the grant has started and for a number of years after it has finished. For students this can be done from the second year of the studentship and for a number of years after it has finished.

Researchfish® can be accessed here

Once a year (and for up to five years after a grant or fellowship end date or three years for a studentship) grant holders are required to confirm that their outcome information in researchfish® is accurate and up-to-date. This must be done during an annual submission period. The 2017 submission period closed on 16th March; the next submission period will open on 5th February 2018 and close at 4pm on 15th March 2018.

Sanctions will be applied to AHRC grant holders (but not students) who do not make a submission each year during the submission period, even if this is a nil-submission (e.g. because it is too early for any outcomes to have emerged from the research yet).

More information about Researchfish® can be found on the RCUK website here

An interactive visualisation of the outcomes information collected through researchfish is available on our Research pages

Final expenditure statement

As part of the terms and conditions of an AHRC award, your Research Organisation will be required to submit a final expenditure statement no later than three months after the end of the award period; failure to do so will result in a financial sanction being applied to the RO. Requests for expenditure statements will be sent by email to the Research Organisation and they should complete and submit the statement using Je-S.