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Lead agency and reciprocal agreements

In order to encourage international research co-operation, the AHRC has established links with a number of non-UK research funding organisations. These agreements fall into two categories, ‘lead agency’ and ‘reciprocal’ agreements.

Lead Agency

Lead agency agreements enable joint research projects in which costs for researchers in both countries can be included in a single grant application. The costs of these grants are then split between the funders involved. Current lead agency agreements under responsive mode grants are:

  • FAPESP for joint collaboration between Brazilian and UK research (administered by the AHRC)
  • NSF for research collaborations between American and UK researchers (administered either by NSF or AHRC)

Reciprocal Agreements

Reciprocal agreements provide similar opportunities to lead agency grants, but are paid for entirely by the agency to which the application was submitted (rather than costs being shared by both agencies).

The AHRC currently has reciprocal agreements with non UK research funding organisations who have similar arrangements to the AHRC’s international co-investigator policy, which allowing international researchers to participate in national research projects. These agreements are signed to raise the profile of these opportunities on both sides. Current organisations with reciprocal agreements are: