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Theme Large Grants – International Co-Investigators

The AHRC has recently announced that it will allow International Co-Investigators to be added to its responsive mode Research Grants scheme and, where justified, cost of an international Co-Investigators’ time can be charged to a grant.

Unfortunately, the details of this new opportunity were not ready in time to be included in the guidance for the Outline Proposals to the AHRC Theme Large Grants.

However, the AHRC is now announcing that it will be allowing International Co-Investigators’ details to be added to AHRC Theme Large Grants proposals at the full proposal stage.

Outline Applications should not add International Co-Investigators formally to the JeS proposal but can refer to plans to include one within their case for support. Outlines are permitted to include estimates for the costs international co-investigators bearing in mind the restrictions (see below) of the scheme, these should be entered under the Exceptions budget line.

Applicants should also note that it is permissible for shortlisted proposals to bring in an international co-investigator at the full bid stage even if it has not identified one in the outline proposal.

Restrictions on the inclusion of International Co-Investigators

An international co-investigator needs to be of post doctoral standing and based at an institution of equivalent standing to a UK HEI.

The arrangement allows International Co-Investigators-related costs to be charged and funded at 100% but does not allow estates or indirect costs to be charged

The arrangement limits the total direct costs associated with the international co-investigator at 30% of the total FEC cost of the proposal.

If you have any specific queries about international co-investigators and theme large grants please email: Ian Broadbridge (ian.broadbridge@ahrc.ukri.org)