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Public Policy Highlight Notice

The purpose of this highlight is to stimulate the development of innovative proposals under the Research Networking Scheme which explore issues of current public policy interest, bringing together arts or humanities researchers with policy makers and wider policy bodies.

The highlight notice seeks to encourage the use of the Research Networking Scheme to:

  • Provide support for building new partnerships, or strengthening existing networks, between academics and policy makers (including relevant policy bodies) in a sustained way, for example, through a series of events or seminars.
  • Raise awareness amongst researchers of the potential public policy impact of their work, and to develop their understanding of current public policy issues which might inform their work.
  • Raise awareness amongst policy makers and policy bodies of the contribution that arts and humanities research can make to the development of public policy, including foreign as well as domestic policy.

The Research Networking scheme provides an opportunity to:

  • support collaborative work between researchers and policy makers in relation to existing or emerging policy areas of intellectual urgency and potential strategic importance in local, national or international spheres,
  • explore new and emerging areas of public policy
  • identify key research challenges by building new collaborations, as well as strengthening existing ones.

Applicants wishing to submit a proposal in response to the Public Policy highlight notice should include a paragraph at the beginning of their Case for Support outlining the area of policy which will be the focus of the Research Network, as well as the primary areas within the arts and humanities which will be drawn on in addressing the issues in question. Within the Case for Support, as well as addressing the standard headings, the plans for engagement with policy makers (for example, in local or central government, or Devolved Administrations) or relevant policy bodies (such as relevant advisory bodies, or professional networks) must be made clear.This should include full details of the plans to enable productive knowledge exchange between researchers in the arts or humanities and policy makers.Reference should be made to any initial discussions or consultation which have informed the proposal.Any anticipated outputs of the activities, such as policy reports or briefings, should also be indicated.

The Public Policy highlight notice will run until 31 December 2013, and proposals can be submitted at any time whilst the highlight notice is in existence.