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International Highlight Notice

The purpose of the international highlight notice is to stimulate the development of innovative international research collaborations under the Research Networking Scheme which involve one or more of the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • India
  • Taiwan

It is not intended for UK-only networks and is therefore eligible for the higher limit of £45,000 to facilitate the international partner involvement.

Collaborations can be broader than the countries named above but must include at least one of these countries. For example, proposals can be based on wider regional collaborations; for example a research networking proposal involving researchers from the UK, Brazil, Portugal and the Netherlands could fit the Brazil highlight notice. Activities can take place in any country.

In order to be eligible under this highlight notice, applicants need to demonstrate an integrated and significant international collaboration/partnership as part of any research networking proposal; for example having a keynote speaker from Brazil to one network meeting will not be considered sufficient. It is advised that international partners are involved in the development of the proposal and consideration should be given to inclusion of international partners as Co-Investigators or project partners to help demonstrate the joint nature of the network.

Applicants wishing to submit a proposal in response to the international highlight notice should include a paragraph at the beginning of their Case for Support outlining which country (or countries) they are involving in their network. Within the Case for Support, as well as addressing the standard headings, the international collaboration must be made clear. This should include full details of who will be involved in the project and how the international collaboration adds value to the research area, and how the network may be develop in the longer term.

The international highlight notice will run until 31st December 2013, and proposals can be submitted at any time whilst the highlight notice is in existence.

Full details of the Research Networking Scheme, its aims, assessment criteria and application requirements can be found in the Research Funding Guide.

Additional Support

The AHRC will be promoting the International highlight notice to our contacts in the countries listed to facilitate proactive approaches from overseas researchers to UK based researchers. It is anticipated that some support may be available from overseas organisations to help facilitate this; for example partner searches; venues; supplementary funding. Current opportunities are:

  • If applying under Taiwan - additional ‘top up’ funding may be available from the National Science Council of Taiwan to further enhance UK-Taiwanese links for successful projects; for example to include additional Taiwanese researchers.  Additional funds cannot be sought prior to the outcome of the AHRC proposal; successful applicants will receive further information once their outcome is known.

As other support becomes available this section will be updated.