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Research Networking

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The Research Networking Scheme is intended to support forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas on a specified thematic area, issue or problem. The intention is to facilitate interactions between researchers and stakeholders through, for example, a short-term series of workshops, seminars, networking activities or other events. The aim of these activities is to stimulate new debate across boundaries, for example, disciplinary, conceptual, theoretical, methodological, and/or international. Proposals should explore new areas, be multi-institutional and can include creative or innovative approaches or entrepreneurship. Proposals must justify the approach taken and clearly explain the novelty or added value for bringing the network participants together.

Proposals for full economic costs up to £30,000 for a period of up to two years may be submitted. The exact mechanism for networking and the duration is up to the applicants to decide but must be fully justified in the proposal. An additional threshold of up to £15,000 full economic cost may be sought to cover the costs of any international participants or activities in addition to the £30,000 fEC scheme limit. Proposals will need to be submitted by an eligible Research Organisation but must involve collaboration with at least one other organisation, as well as having significant relevance to beneficiaries in the UK.

Highlight Notice for International Development in the AHRC Research Networking Scheme

AHRC has launched a Highlight Notice in its Research networking scheme as part of a range of activities to support the contribution which arts and humanities research can make to challenges, policy and/or practice relating to international development. The highlight notice will run until 25th April 2017. Full details can be found on the Highlight Notice call page.

Closing Dates

Open - No Deadline

This scheme operates without formal deadlines. You are able to submit proposals at any time of year and the AHRC aims to inform applicants of the outcome of their proposals within five months from the date of submission. On occasion, there might be a delay in obtaining the peer reviews for an application and this may result in the assessment process taking longer.

How to make an application

All applications to this scheme must be submitted via the cross-council Joint Electronic Submission - (JE-S) System. If you need any assistance to use the system, please contact the JE-S helpdesk on 01793 444164 or on

Further Information

Research Funding Guide provides an overview of the Research Networking Scheme. It details the eligibility criteria, assessment criteria, information on how to apply, application deadlines, eligible dates and terms and conditions of awards. You must ensure that you meet all of the eligibility criteria before submitting an application.

Subject Coverage

Impact Summary and Pathways to Impact: - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 178KB)

RCUK Impact Requirements - Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of Impact from AHRC-funded projects (PDF, 296KB)

Documents for current award holders

Standards of Service Questionnaire: (ODS Version) (Word, 173KB), (PDF Version) (PDF, 230KB)

Terms and Conditions of Award (PDF, 267KB)


The AHRC work with the RCUK Shared Services Centre (SSC) to deliver all of our funding activities. All queries regarding eligibility for funding and applications in progress and also queries regarding current awards, should be directed to the SSC team dealing with your subject area using the contacts page.

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