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Research and innovation ideas to address Covid-19

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The AHRC welcomes applications to the UKRI open call for research and innovation ideas to address the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts. Applications should be using the process detailed on the UKRI Coronavirus hub, following the Call Guidance there. Please note that the application process has changed and submissions should be made through Je-S; please follow the guidance linked to above.

Proposals will be accepted from anyone eligible to apply for AHRC funding.

Following a strong response to the Call across all areas of the UKRI remit, UKRI is now focusing its funding for new research proposals in the areas of the portfolio not previously funded. See the priority areas and research questions which we are particularly interested in seeing addressed.

In addition to those priority areas, UKRI have issued a highlight notice (PDF, 130KB) which calls for research covering COVID-19 and minority ethnic groups: Understanding the reasons for vulnerability to COVID-19 and the differential social, cultural and economic impacts of the pandemic on minority ethnic groups. This highlight notice opens on July 31st and will close at midnight on 18 September 2020. Please see the UKRI Call Guidance page for further information.

Towards a National Collection Highlight

Alongside the priority areas listed on the UKRI Call Guidance page, AHRC has been running a highlight notice for applicants working in the Towards a National Collection area, particularly looking at: digital capacity and digital engagement with cultural assets during the COVID-19 lockdown and during the period of emergence from lockdown, lessons to be learned from these for future patterns of cultural engagement, and related issues.

PLEASE NOTE: AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED APPLICATIONS TO THIS HIGHLIGHT WILL CLOSE ON MONDAY 17TH AUGUST AT 16:00. If you have any concerns in meeting this final deadline, please contact us at National.Collection@AHRC.ukri.org.   

The wider UKRI/AHRC call remains open for applications.

Closing Dates

Open - No Deadline

The COVID-19 Urgency highlight for projects under Towards a National Collection is closing on Monday, 17 August 2020.

How to make an application

Application and review process

There is no formal deadline by which to submit, but we encourage applicants to submit as quickly as possible.

Applications should be submitted through Je-S using the process detailed on the Call Guidance page. Applications will be forwarded to AHRC for assessment.

AHRC may contact applicants for additional information.

Outcomes will be notified as quickly as possible. Applicants must show that they are able to start work within 4 weeks of confirmation of funding.

In addition to standard reporting requirements, AHRC will require additional reporting requirements, and applicants will generally be expected to report on progress during and at the end of the project.

Further Information

This call appears in extraordinary times, and AHRC acknowledges with regret that not everyone in our academic community - for example those with caring responsibilities - will be equally placed to take part in it.


For further details contact: AHRCcv19@ahrc.ukri.org

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