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As part of the UK Research and Innovation: UKRI GCRF Collective Programme AHRC are pleased to announce the first of two calls to support international, interdisciplinary, research partnerships.

This funding call will support the development of international, interdisciplinary, research partnerships which seek to explore the intersection of culture, behaviours, history, and society with all stages of the food systems chain in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). These should catalyse the creation of sustainable, balanced, equitable relationships and partnerships between UK based research organisations and researchers with those in developing countries. Learning and knowledge exchange should be reciprocal with clear mutual benefits for all collaborators.

There are two scales of award that can be applied for under this call:

  • Small Partnership Awards with total costs of no more than £50,000 fEC
  • Large Partnership Awards with total costs of no more than £200,000 fEC

Funding of up to £2million is available to support up to 6-10 Small Partnership Awards and up to 6-10 Large Partnership Awards, depending on quality of applications received.

Funding requested should be commensurate with the activities intended for these projects. The duration of these awards can be between 12 and 24 months.

Full details are available in the Call Document under ‘How to make an application’ below.

This call is part of an interdisciplinary programme on ‘Cultures, Behaviours and Histories of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition’ being delivered by UK Research and Innovation. It contributes to the GCRF Food Systems Challenge Portfolio and is steered by the GCRF Challenge Leaders (https://www.ukri.org/research/global-challenges-research-fund/gcrf-challenge-leaders/). Whilst the AHRC is leading on this call, it is intended to support the development of highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, international research partnerships. Applicants from any discipline are encouraged to apply.


Please note: You do not need to have attended the workshop to apply for this call.

We ran a workshop on Friday, 8 March 2019 in London to bring together researchers working in this area and provide more information on the funding call. Download the presentations from each of the sessions below, to find out more.

Opening and Welcome - Gary Grubb, UKRI-AHRC and Marta Tufet, UKCDR

Download - Workshop Presentation 1 - Gary Grubb (PDF, 1.3MB)

Introduction to the theme - Dr Tahrat Shahid, University of Oxford, UKRI GCRF Challenge Leader, Food Systems

Download - Workshop Presentation 2 - Tahrat Shahid (PDF, 242KB)

Introduction to the funding call - Ruth Robinson, UKRI-AHRC and Thomas Booker, UKRI-AHRC

Download - Workshop Presentation 3 - Ruth and Thomas (PDF, 118KB)

Case study: Going Places: Empowering Women, Enhancing Heritage and Increasing Chicken Production in Ethiopia - Professor Naomi Sykes, University of Exeter

Download - Workshop Presentation 4 - Naomi Sykes (PDF, 6.3MB)

Case study: Learning from the past: Nubian traditional knowledge and agricultural resilience, crop choices and endangered cultural heritage - Dr Philippa Ryan, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Download - Workshop Presentation 5 - Philippa Ryan (PDF, 6.4MB)

Case study: Changing Farming Lives in South India, Past and Present - Dr Sandip Hazareesingh, Open University

Download - Workshop Presentation 6 - Sandip Hazareesingh (PDF, 82KB)

View video - Video on Vimeo: The Grinding Stone

Case study: Sustainable Consumption, the Middle Classes and Agri-food Ethics in the Global South - Professor Alex Hughes, Newcastle University

Download - Workshop Presentation 7 - Alex Hughes (PDF, 980KB)

Case study: The Cultural Contexts of Disease Prevention: The Case of Cholangiocarcinoma in Mainland Southeast Asia - Professor Rachel Harrison, SOAS University of London

Download - Workshop Presentation 8 - Rachel Harrison (PDF, 5.2MB)

Equitable partnership working, Sheila Mburu, UKCDR

Download - Workshop Presentation 9 - Sheila Mburu (PDF, 1MB)

Second call

A second call will be launched in autumn 2019, with up to a further £2million of funding available (£4million available in total divided between the two calls). This second call will also be open to applications addressing any relevant theme and will offer similar levels of funding.

Opening Dates

Call Opened: 04/03/2019

Closing Dates

Closing Date: 16/05/2019

How to make an application

- GCRF Cultures, Behaviours and Histories of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition - Call Document

- GCRF Cultures, Behaviours and Histories of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition - FAQs

Applications must be submitted through the Je-S system.

The Call Document was updated on 1 May 2019 to provide clarity surrounding the required attachments. The following attachment types have been added to the table on pp. 12-13: Data Management Plan, Gantt chart / Workplan, Head of Department statement. Applicants using the previous version of the call document will not be penalised if these documents are not provided. Where documents are missing but marked as ‘Compulsory’, we will be in contact to ask applicants to provide these documents before the proposal is put forward for assessment.

The FAQ document was updated on 1 May 2019 to include further queries made to AHRC. If you have additional queries, please contact AHRC at enquiries@ahrc.ukri.org or 01793 416060.

Further Information

The AHRC is collating a contact list of researchers interested in forming partnerships and finding others working in similar areas.

You can view the current list on our contact list:

- Partnership Building Contact List (PDF, 951KB) (Last updated: 24/04/2019)

If you would like your details to be added to this list, please complete the Partnership Building form.

This call is part of the UKRI GCRF Collective Programme and you can find details of all the calls currently open at www.ukri.org/research/global-challenges-research-fund/gcrf-collective-programme

Of particular relevance to those interested in this funding opportunity, are the following funding calls:

  • A Combined Food Systems Approach to Scaling-up Interventions to Address the Double Burden of Malnutrition. As part of the UKRI GCRF Collective Programme, BBSRC, on behalf of UKRI, is running a new funding call to support interdisciplinary proposals that seek to work across the food system to reduce the global double burden of malnutrition. Full details of the call can be found on the BBSRC website
  • Understanding the mechanistic links between nutrition and non-communicable diseases in low and middle-income countries. As part of the UKRI GCRF programme, MRC, on behalf of UKRI, is running a new funding call to support research which will examine the mechanistic links between nutrition/diet and non-communicable diseases in a context specific manner. Full details of the call can be found on the MRC website.


Eligibility, Costings or Process

For queries about this call such as eligible activities and costs or remit of the call please contact AHRC at enquiries@ahrc.ukri.org or telephone: 01793 416060 (available Monday to Friday 8:30-16:30).

Je-S Registration

For queries on using Je-S such as creating and submitting the application form or Je-S account creation, please contact the Je-S Helpdesk on 01793 444164 or JeSHelp@je-s.ukri.org (available Monday to Friday 08:30 – 5:00).

Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)

Enquiries about the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the extent to which proposals may fit with the aims of the GCRF may be directed to gcrf@ahrc.ukri.org.

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