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AHRC's Engagement in the EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellowships

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EPSRC is inviting proposals for EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellowships and AHRC will be co-funding a proportion of these Fellowships where research is being undertaken at the interface of the AHRC and EPSRC subject domains. The AHRC contribution will be up to £1.6M. These will be three-year research fellowships where the award holder undertakes a programme of research aligned with the Industrial Strategy. The AHRC Interface areas are outlined in the call document as follows:

  • Fellowship proposals at this interface may include fellows situated in an Art and Humanities school or department. The proposed project will sit at the interface of the engineering and physical sciences with the arts and humanities. It is possible for the proposal to include collaborators or partners from other disciplines to complement the fellow’s own expertise. Potential research areas are:
    • Creative and Digital industries, for example linking artistic, creative, heritage and design skills with digital, computing and coding skills.
    • Development of immersive technologies and live experience, for example the intersections between AR and VR and the ways they are transforming the delivery of creative content (including their significant potential spillover effects into other sectors e.g. health care).
    • Fellowships connecting the digital humanities with data science and analytics, computing science or related areas, for example in the development of “Big Data” approaches.
    • Inter-disciplinary design fellowships exploring the potential for design approaches to integrate and connect across disciplinary boundaries.

There are a number of stages to the EPSRC call process with the initial phase requiring institutions to submit an ‘Intention to Submit’ by 12 October 2017 outlining the number of Fellowship proposals they intend to submit. All Intentions to Submit should be sent to EPSRC has indicated a quota for each Institution based on their funding but, Institutions can make the case for additional applications and they should also indicate where they intend to submit applications in the AHRC Interface areas. Institutions which are not on the EPSRC quota list but, with an AHRC track record in these areas, may also submit an ‘Intention’. We would encourage any researcher with an interested in submitting a Fellowship application in an AHRC Interface Area to speak to their institution.

Closing Dates

Closing Date: 12/10/2017

Deadline for 'Intention to Submit' Deadline for Outlines Deadline for Full Proposals Interview Panel Funding decision Grant start date
12 October 2017 09 November 2017 23 January 2018 Week commencing 07 May 2018 Late May June 2018

How to make an application

Universities who intend to support any Innovation Fellowship proposals should submit an Intention to submit to by 12 October 2017 in which they provide the number of proposals they intend to support and the process by which the applicants will be identified. Where it is intended that applications will be submitted at the interface with other Research Councils, please make this clear in the ‘Intention to submit’

A three-stage application process will then be used.

  • Stage 1 Outline proposal.
  • Stage 2 Full proposal. Those successful at the outline stage will be invited to submit a full proposal. No other proposals will be accepted. Any unsolicited proposals will be rejected.
  • Stage 3 Interview Panel

Submitting an application

Please see the EPSRC call document for full details.

Further Information


AHRC contacts: Sue Carver ( and Gillian Gray (

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