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Current opportunities

Impact of Coronavirus on UKRI-supported research

Important note: For data analysis purposes, we ask that applicants do not include the words ‘Cov-19’, ‘Covid-19’ or ‘Coronavirus’ in the Lay Summary, Technical Summary or Title sections unless the application relates to proposed research in this area.


Following the removal of the “Pathways to Impact” attachment and “Impact Summary”, we are now in a period of transition.

Any new Calls closing from March 1st will not have a “Pathways to Impact” attachment or an “Impact Summary”. Any new applications submitted to our Open Calls will also not be accepted if they include a Pathways to Impact attachment or an Impact Summary.

For Open Calls (Research Grants, Research Grants Early Career, Leadership Fellows, Leadership Fellows Early Career, Follow on Funding for Impact and Engagement and Research Networking) there will be a period of transition where applications submitted prior to March 1st will have a “Pathways to Impact”. The AHRC’s assessment criteria for impact and our commitment to funding high quality applications with impact has not changed and all applications with and without a “Pathways to Impact” attachment will continue to be assessed using this assessment criteria.

AHRC staff and our Peer Review College have been briefed on this transition period to enable the grant funding process to continue.


Over the last 12 months, the AHRC has been consulting our community regarding the Leadership Fellows scheme, including the benefits, the challenges and what you would like to see changed to make it even better.

As a result of this we would like to draw your attention to a few updates we will be making to the scheme, namely:

  • We have clarified what we mean by ‘leadership’ to ensure it resonates with all academics at all stages of their career;
  • We have increased the maximum funding amount for the Standard Route to £300,000

To signal these changes, we have renamed the scheme the ‘AHRC Research, Development and Engagement Fellowships’. The scheme guidance has also been tweaked, to ensure the aims and objectives of the scheme are clearer. The scheme continues to support two routes: Standard and Early Career.

The Leadership Fellows scheme will close on Je-S on Friday, 5 June 2020, 16:00.

Applications to this new focus of the Fellowships scheme will open on Je-S from Monday, 8 June 2020, 09:00.

For further information about the changes to the scheme, please refer to the following announcement

Research Grants - Early Careers

Open - No Deadline

The Research Grants Schemes are intended to support well-defined research projects enabling individual researchers to collaborate with, and bring benefits to, other individuals and organisations through the conduct of research. This scheme is not intended to support individual scholarship. The aim of this route is the same as the standard, however, principal investigators must meet the additional eligibility criteria as outlined in our Research Funding Guide.

São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)

Open - No Deadline

In 2009 Research Councils UK (RCUK) and FAPESP, the Research Council for the State of São Paulo, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to welcome, encourage and support proposals that may cut across our national boundaries and involve international collaborative teams.

Research Networking

Open - No Deadline

​The Research Networking Scheme is intended to support forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas on a specified thematic area, issue or problem. The intention is to facilitate interactions between researchers and stakeholders through, for example, a short-term series of workshops, seminars, networking activities or other events.

Highlight notices

Open - No Deadline

Highlight notices are intended to stimulate proposals under specified themes /strategic priorities in order to rapidly advance thinking or collaboration in these areas. Highlight notices are offered as opportunities within existing AHRC research schemes and are therefore assessed under the same criteria and assessment process.

Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement

Open - No Deadline

This scheme aims to encourage and facilitate a range of interactions and creative engagements between arts and humanities research and user communities including business and commercial, third sector and heritage sector, public policy, voluntary and community groups and the general public.