Rising from the Depths Network - Innovation projects funding call round two

The Rising from the Depths Network will be funding a variety of innovation projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar. These projects will fill the knowledge gaps that currently limit the way Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) contributes to social, cultural and economic sustainable growth in Eastern Africa. The network believes that MCH has an important, but so far unappreciated, role to play in the long term success of coast and marine development.

For more information about the succcessful applicants of the first round please visit the 'Rising from the Depths' website or read our Networks feature page.

Call details

This programme is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Global Challenges Research Fund, and is being coordinated by the University of Nottingham in collaboration with the Universities of Roehampton, York, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Uppsala (Sweden), Ulster and Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique). The programme ends in September 2021.

The network has an £800,000 budget to fund projects over all of the funding calls. Projects are divided into:

  • Small (£1,000-£5,000)

  • Medium (£5,000-£30,000)

  • Large (£30,000-£50,000)

£100,000 of this budget is ring-fenced for the development of innovative, multidisciplinary arts and creative industry approaches to MCH under the title, People, Time and the Sea.

All awards can be for between 6 and 12 months in duration, but must be completed by the end of June 2020. Applications must be made through the online application form (see further guidance below).