Parliaments and People in Myanmar and Ethiopia (Third Round) call

The Global Research Network on Parliaments and People is offering grants of up to £100,000 to support innovative, interdisciplinary research into the relationship between Parliaments, elected politicians and people in Ethiopia and Myanmar. 

Our Parliaments and People programme aims to create opportunities for scholars and artists in Myanmar and Ethiopia to undertake research that helps scrutinise, understand, communicate and support the processes and relationships required to deepen democracy in those countries.

Parliaments and People is a multidisciplinary project that suggests three research themes for exploring the relationship between parliament and people. The research themes are:

  • Culture of representation
  • History of exclusion and instability
  • Imagining deeper democracy through media and the arts

Who should apply

The main applicant for a grant can be from Ethiopia, Myanmar or the UK. We particularly encourage collaborative projects based on partnerships between scholars in the UK, Ethiopia and/or Myanmar.