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Open World Research Initiative (OWRI)

AHRC is pleased to announce details of its major new funding initiative for modern languages: the Open World Research Initiative (OWRI). OWRI seeks to establish a new and exciting vision for languages research in response to the challenges and opportunities presented by a globalised research environment and multi-lingual world. The initiative seeks to present a cogent, positive and compelling vision for the role of modern language expertise in opening up research opportunities drawing on other cultures, literatures and histories.

Up to £4m Full Economic Cost (fEC) is available per OWRI programme over 4 years. Successful applicants will be funded at 80% of fEC.

The research programmes will be multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary and demonstrate the strategic importance of language-based research and enhanced language expertise across the arts and humanities.

Distinctively, the initiative will be research-led, with each OWRI programme focused around an ambitious and transformative language-based research endeavour, enhancing the UK’s research capability in languages.

The programmes will be expected to develop innovative ways of working and achieve wider impacts by engaging extensively with public audiences, policy bodies, private enterprises, the third sector and international partners. The Research Organisations involved in an OWRI programme will be required to demonstrate longer-term strategic commitment to the initiative, including the capacity to leverage additional funding resources.