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GCRF Network Plus call

As part of the UKRI GCRF Collective Programme, AHRC are pleased to announce three calls for large-scale, Network Plus, collaborative awards for international development. The calls will be inviting proposals targeting the following areas:

  1. Preventing Conflict, Building Sustainable and Inclusive Peace
  2. Protection in Contexts of Conflict and Displacement
  3. Education in Conflict and Crisis Research.

These calls are designed to be a part of an interdisciplinary programme delivered by UK Research and Innovation and steered by the GCRF Challenge Leaders. Whilst the AHRC is leading on these three calls, the Network Plus model is intended to support cross-disciplinary working and applicants from all relevant disciplines are encouraged to apply. Proposals will be expected to be challenge-led, internationally collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature.

More detail on each of these areas can be found in the downloadable call guidance document below.

These three calls will deploy the ‘Network Plus’ funding model, similar to that used under AHRC’s Area-Focused Network Plus call with funding of up to £2 million and up to 4 years duration available for each Network Plus award.

Awards will be administered by a UK research organisation eligible for UKRI funding but will be expected to involve international co-investigators and/or equitable partnerships with developing countries and to run calls open to LMIC-led research applications.

We anticipate making between three and five Network Plus awards under each of the three calls. All of the funded Network Plus awards supported will be expected to work together collaboratively, within and across themes, and with other relevant research awards in the relevant research portfolios.

The Network Plus model provides opportunities to develop strong and equitable partnerships with low and middle countries and to bring together expertise across disciplines and research organisations to address a set of integrated development challenges. Once established each Network Plus award will be expected to issue open calls for research projects bringing in wider expertise and partnerships to support the development of their research agenda.

The Network Plus awards will be expected to support approaches which reflect specific cultural and development contexts, are responsive to local research, policy and practice needs, and provide the foundations for sustainable capability development and impact. Visit our GCRF Network Plus programme page for examples.

This call will utilise a two stage application process: an outline stage followed by a full proposal stage. Outline proposals will be reviewed and shortlisted, and only those which are successful will then be invited to submit at the full proposal stage. Applicants must submit an outline proposal in order to be invited to submit a full proposal. The deadline for submissions of outline proposals will be in April 2019. There will then be further engagement with those invited through to full submission stage, expected to be in summer or early autumn 2019. Successful Network Plus awards will be expected to start in early 2020.

Network Plus applications under these calls may only be submitted by a UK research organisation eligible to manage Research Council grants, but can involve international co-investigators and should involve extensive international partnerships and collaborations. Applications must be ODA compliant.

In addition to these Network Plus programmes there will also be a number of research programmes delivered by UKRI and other partners (such as DfID and the British Academy).

Further details of these research programmes can be found in the downloadable call guidance document below.

Town hall meetings

AHRC has held a series of town hall meetings to explain the ambitions for these three specific Network Plus calls in more detail and discuss how they fit within the wider GCRF Collective Programme.

A delegate handbook and presentation pack from the events can be found below.

- GCRF Network Plus Town Hall slide set (PDF, 10.2MB)

- GCRF Network Plus Combined Delegate list (PDF, 888KB)


A recording of the event held at Birmingham can be found on Vimeo at: https://vimeo.com/322872300.

There are no further AHRC town hall events for these Network Plus calls, but UKRI will be holding additional town hall meetings in early 2019 covering the wider Collective Programme. Details will be published on the UKRI GCRF Collective Programme page as they become available.