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Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement Scheme: Creative Economy Highlight Notice

The AHRC has identified the creative economy as an area of strategic importance as evidenced by our Delivery Plan 2016-20. The AHRC has established and supported a number of knowledge exchange and research initiatives which have enriched and supported growth within the creative economy. During the last spending period (2011-2015), the AHRC spent circa £100m on research related to creative economy interests.

Arts and humanities research plays an important role in accelerating innovation within the creative economy, and the AHRC is committed to supporting and strengthening these collaborations. To achieve this, the AHRC are launching a highlight notice in our Follow-on Funding for Impact and Engagement (FoF) scheme. The aim of the highlight notice is to encourage applications exploring innovative ways to enhance engagement with the creative economy, and maximise opportunities for impact within the creative economy.

Proposed activities must enhance the value and wider benefit of the original research and/or knowledge exchange project, and clearly demonstrate how they will deliver significant economic, social, cultural and/or policy impacts for the creative economy.

AHRC welcomes proposals which build upon existing, or nurture new partnerships in the creative economy either in the UK or internationally, and which have strong potential to deliver impact.

Highlight notices are intended to stimulate proposals addressing strategic priorities or emerging research areas in order to encourage innovation, new thinking and/or the development of collaborations in these areas. Highlight notices are offered as opportunities within existing AHRC research schemes, although in this case highlight applications will be considered through a different assessment process to other FoF applications. Find out more about our current Highlight Notices.

Further details on the context and aims for, and scope of, the highlight notice, as well as further information on how to apply can be found in the Highlight Notice document (PDF, 68KB)

Applications which do not fit under this highlight notice can continue to be submitted to the Follow-on Funding (FoF) scheme as usual.