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AHRC 10th Anniversary: The AHRC Research in Film Awards

The AHRC is marking its tenth anniversary in 2015 through a number of activities designed to showcase the achievements of the arts and humanities research community over the last decade, to look forward to the coming decade and to celebrate the role of the arts and humanities in all areas of our national life.

The AHRC’s Research in Film Awards is one of these activities, designed to showcase, reward and recognise the best of the large and increasing number of high-quality short films (defined as no longer than 30 minutes) produced as outputs or by-products of arts and humanities research. In addition, the Inspiration Award – open to members of the general public – will recognise those films inspired by arts and humanities research.

Films are produced in a great many ways through and as a result of research. They may be primary outputs, by-products, records of research undertaken, dissemination tools or practice-based research itself. They may include reconstructions and enactments, animations, installations and gallery pieces, games, interactive storytelling or co-produced work including collaborations with community groups, and may take the form of documentaries, visual essays or broadcast programmes. They may entail any of these, and much more besides.

These awards - the first for research in films - are designed to encourage, stimulate and recognise the considerable body of work created at the interface between research and film and to recognise the world-leading work of researchers, practitioners and film-makers in the arts and humanities research community.

Awards will be made in five categories (see below) and the winner in each category will win £2,000 to be invested in their future film-making activities. All applicants must accompany their film submissions with supporting text, which invites all entrants to make explicit their films’ links with arts and humanities research.


3.1: Best film produced as a result of AHRC or AHRB funding – ‘The Anniversary Award’

3.2: Best film produced by a researcher or research team

3.3: Best film by a doctoral student

3.4: Award for innovation in film

3.5: Inspiration Award - Best film inspired by the arts and humanities (public category)

Category Award title Eligibility Timeframe
3.1 Anniversary Award AHRC- or AHRB- funded only Since 1998
3.2 Best film by a researcher or a research team Standard eligibility (HEIs or IROs) Since 1st April 2014
3.3 Innovation Award Standard eligibility (HEIs or IROs) Since 1st April 2014
3.4 Best film by a doctoral student AHRC- or AHRB- funded only Since 1998
3.5 Best film inspired by arts and humanities research Open, public category Since 1st April 2014


For more information on these categories, please see the call document (PDF) (PDF, 291KB).