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First World War Study Day - Medicine, Injury, Trauma, Treatment

18-May-2015 - Study day on the First World War and medicine, injury, trauma, treatment, and disability.

Young People's Engagement with Online Immersive Worlds

05-Jun-2008 - New research, funded as part of the AHRC and BBC pilot Knowledge Exchange Programme, has enabled academics from the University of Westminster to show that online worlds developed specifically for children can give them much-needed social and creative skills. In addition this research has had a real impact on the development of BBC strategy in this area.

Well-Remembered Voices: Lost plays of the First World War

27-May-2015 - A one-day public event exploring how theatre responded to the events of 1914-1918, and a rare opportunity to see performances of wartime plays.

East Midlands

10-Sep-2015 -

Creative Economy

20-May-2015 -

Artists Working within Higher Education

15-May-2015 - An event exploring how artists work within Higher Education

Music Migration in the Early Modern Age: People, Markets, Patterns, Styles

21-May-2015 - Impulses for the migration of musicians during the 17th and 18th centuries were often economic in nature, either positive or negative and supply and demand often regulated their circulations.

Penguin Archive

15-Feb-2013 - The ground-breaking UK publisher, Penguin Books, comes under the spotlight in this film which examines a flagship AHRC project at the University of Bristol.

Knowledge Exchange Resources

17-Sep-2014 - Resources for those interested in learning more about knowledge exchange and partnerships.

Languages at War Conference

27-May-2015 - This interdisciplinary conference, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, will bring together current research on the role of languages in war, conflict and peacemaking situations.