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The Libertadoras - Engaging and empowering audiences and communities

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Advisory Board Recruitment 2013

7 Feb 2013 - The AHRC is seeking expressions of interest from suitably experienced individuals based within the academic/commercial/government/voluntary sectors

AHRC funded film 'About a War' researched the motivation and outcomes of the Lebanese Civil War

19 Nov 2018 - Why do we fight And what happens to us when we stop These deceptively simple questions are at the heart of About A War a remarkable feature length

Magazine lifts the lid on New Generation Thinkers

16 Jan 2019 - The New Generation Thinkers magazine offering tips and advice on applying for the scheme The Arts and Humanities Research Council AHRC

In conversation with... Professor George McKay

11 Aug 2017 - Theme Leadership Fellow for Connected Communities Professor George McKay explains why collaboration and dialogue are important for arts and humanities

Public Spirit

20 Jun 2013 -   Public Spirit is the new innovative on line public forum for the discussion and dissemination of research into faith and public policy Public


25 Mar 2015 - This exhibition looks at the ways in which we can work with and within the earth It follows my own personal exploration through the layers of the geological

The Big Thaw

15 Nov 2017 - It started with a little wooden doll being found on a beach in Alaska Then over time more and more artefacts began turning up ‘We recognised

British Asian culture festival flies over to India and Bangkok

20 Nov 2013 - A festival of British Asian culture is being taken to New Delhi and Bangkok to celebrate the contribution and innovation of South Asians to the culture

Healthy Ageing

18 Jun 2019 - Demographic change and ageing populations are bringing new challenges and opportunities to countries around the world The World Health Organisation