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Lifelong Health and Wellbeing

07-Aug-2014 - Lifelong Health and Wellbeing is a major cross-council initiative supporting multi-disciplinary research addressing factors across the life course that influence healthy ageing and wellbeing in later life.

AHRC and British Academy Post-PhD Study

03-Feb-2014 - Do you have a doctorate? Are you looking to develop a career in the academic sector?

The Listening Experience Database

22-May-2015 - David Rowland, Ivan Hewett and Simon Brown consider how music affects people in their everyday lives, and how we capture the listening experiences that the critics miss.

Fellowships Panel December 2014

06-Nov-2015 - Fellowships Panel which met in December 2014

Digital Transformations Small Grants January 2015

06-Nov-2015 - Digital Transformations Small Grants which met in January 2015

Science in Culture

07-Aug-2014 - The ‘Science in Culture’ theme aims to develop the reciprocal relationship between the sciences on the one hand, and arts and humanities on the other. The sciences and the arts and humanities often seek to answer very different kinds of questions about human nature, the nature of the world we inhabit, and the relationship between the two. Sometimes, however, the questions we seek to answer do not neatly fall within the remit of one or the other.

Top Tips for Using and Contributing to Wikipedia

07-Aug-2013 - Almost any kind of search you do on the Internet will lead you to a Wikipedia page.

UnBox-ing Future Cities

15-Jan-2014 - Eight UK researchers have been awarded the opportunity to work with a team made up of creative practitionerwws, artists alongside mentors to explore the theme of 'Future Cities'.