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Care for the Future Large Grants full stage

17-Apr-2015 - Care for the Future Large Grants full stage panel which met in June 2014.

Mapping legal ‘crossroads of Empire’ summer exhibition

22-Jul-2014 - A new exhibition is opening this summer, highlighting what was formerly the highest court of appeal for most colonies of the British Empire.

Case Study: Speaking my Language

02-Jun-2015 - Speaking My Language was a pilot programme comprising a year-long integrated language development and cultural competency training package for postgraduate researchers across Scotland. Marrying the expectations of language acquisition with the internationalisation agenda, Speaking My Language responded to the need for researchers in the modern world to be global citizens, confident in their ability to contribute positively to an increasingly globalized society and able to take leadership in the sharing and exchange of advanced knowledge and skills on a global stage.

St Andrews

15-May-2015 - University of St Andrews

Past activities

05-Sep-2014 - Past activities that happened as part of the Care for the Future theme.

Scottish Pastoral: Robert Burns and British Romanticism

29-Nov-2008 - Every New Year many of us sing, often badly, a version of Auld Lang Syne and each January may partake in a haggis supper or tipple of whisky but do any of us know where these traditions comes from?

Old Bailey Online

25-May-2008 - An AHRC research grant of nearly £300,000 has enabled academics from the University of Hertfordshire, Sheffield and the Open University to double in size the trial proceedings now available to view on the website Old Bailey Online and provide access to the largest single source of searchable information about "ordinary" British lives and behaviour ever published.

Strategic Programmes

12-Aug-2014 - Our strategic programmes addressed issues of intellectual and wider cultural, social or economic urgency.

Women as Perpetrators of the Holocaust

27-Jan-2009 - The 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day, this dark time of European history holds many prominent lessons about the importance of tolerance and respect for differences that are now more than ever appropriate in our modern world.