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Working with Comms

Many of out researchers can tell us the importance of having an effective Comms plan to promote your research. Here are some case studies which demonstrate how it works on the ground.

Case studies using good communications skills

Emily Commander - Strategic Lead, Public Policy, AHRC

Emily Commander

To be effective researchers need to fine tune their message - and focus on talking the language of government,”

says Emily who shares her practical tips for researchers engaging with politicians and policy-makers across the UK

Dr Sarah Jackson - Associate Professor, Nottingham Trent University

Sarah Jackson

First I was asked to come into the BBC Radio 4 Today programme studio, and then before I knew it I had four back-to-back radio interviews - all before breakfast”

says Sarah who discovered letters from socialist suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst who had concerns about phone tapping.

Read the interview with Sarah in our feature.

Hannah Mawdsley - Historian and historical adviser, CDP PhD

Hannah Mawdsley

Don’t neglect the personal narratives - these are also effective hooks. The media like stories of individuals that will resonate with their audiences”

says Hannah who outlines her top tips for working effectively with journalists and broadcasters.

Dr Seán Williams - Lecturer in German and European Cultural History at the University of Sheffield

Hannah Mawdsley

What I learned has really helped me build up my media profile and been fed back through me into my department and my impact work.”

says Seán who offers his top tips in our feature: How the 'Engaging with Government' course benefits academics.