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Communicating about your research and funding

When referring to us on twitter please use @ahrcpress rather than AHRC.

Every year the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) invests about £98m of public money in world-class research, supporting independent researchers covering more than fifty different subjects.

Your research is a part of this public investment and we have a responsibility to both communicate about the funding and ensure that it’s clear where the funding for your research is coming from – for example, if you are referring to us on twitter please use @ahrcpress rather than AHRC.

That is why we have designed a communications toolkit for the AHRC research community to help build the profile and reach for the hundreds of researchers and projects that we support. The toolkit provides practical advice, guidance and top tips and we recommend talking to your institutional communication teams about the support that they can provide.

The need to demonstrate the cultural, social, artistic and economic value and impact of publicly funded research is growing all the time, and public support and engagement is vital to long-term investment in research.

The AHRC Communications team works with its award holders in a variety of ways to support these aims and ensures it is as easy and straightforward as possible.

There are a number of ways in which we can help publicise your work or support you, as you promote it yourself. Working with AHRC funded researchers we can:

•  Feature research on the AHRC website through news, commissioned features, image galleries, opinion pieces, podcasts and videos on the work of our award holders;
• Share content about your research, events or publications via our social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook;
• Publicise your award in our monthly email newsletter;
• Work with your institution’s Marketing & Communications team to co-ordinate publicity to ensure the best possible coverage throughout the duration of your research, look for news and feature opportunities;
• Guide you through our Social Media Toolkit which empowers you to use social media to raise the profile of your award and research, and to reach out and engage with potential collaborators, funders and the wider public.

If you would like a copy of the research communications toolkit please contact the AHRC comms team via, adding ‘Research Communications toolkit’ to the subject line, or by calling 01793 846114.