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Counter Fraud and Bribery Policy


1. The Research Councils have developed a harmonised policy covering Counter Fraud and Bribery which for AHRC has been endorsed by SMT and Audit Committee.

2. A brief summary of the policy follows but staff should make themselves aware of the full policy (PDF, 325KB).

Policy Summary

Policy Statement

3. AHRC is committed to establishing and applying appropriate standards of regularity and propriety and to create an environment where opportunities for fraud and bribery are reduced to the minimum.

Policy Scope

4. The policy covers permanent and temporary staff, seconded in staff, contractors and any other people representing AHRC. The policy covers overseas as well as UK activities.

What is fraud and bribery?

5. A full description of what constitutes fraud and bribery can be found in the complete policy. A brief summary follows:

  • Fraud – a criminal activity where deception is used for personal gain or to cause loss.
  • Bribery – a financial or other type of advantage that is offered with the intention of inducing improper performance of a function or activity.

Reporting Fraud

6. Any suspicion of fraud or bribery should be reported to your line-manager. If you are reluctant to approach your line-manager you can also raise concerns by contacting any of the following:

  • Director of Resources;
  • Head of PSU;
  • PSU Head of Risk and Assurance;
  • Fraud e-mail address -;
  • Alternatively the Research Council Whistleblowing Policy can be followed.

7. All reported cases will be investigated and staff will be expected to co-operate fully. All reports of fraud and bribery will be investigated and dealt with in line with the Research Council Disciplinary Policy with the rights of the individual reporting the suspected fraud protected.

Further Details

8. Further details can be found in the full policy. If you then have any questions please contact Neil Cooper in the PSU Risk and Assurance team.