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It is the AHRC's intention that this website is accessible to its visitors. If you experience difficulties using this site or you have any feedback on how we can improve it, please get in touch by emailing the UKRI web team.

Access keys

Access keys provide a keyboard shortcut for users wishing to go directly to specific parts of the site and help those who do not use a pointing device, such as a mouse. The following is a list of the standard navigation access keys used on this site:

  • S - Search
  • N - Skip navigation
  • 1 - Homepage
  • 2 - Accessibility
  • 4 - Funding opportunities
  • 5 - Funded research
  • 6 - Peer Review College
  • 7 - Sitemap
  • Text size
    • L - Decrease font size
    • R - Reset font size
    • I - Increase font size

How to use the access keys

How to use the access keys varies depending on the internet browser and operating system that you are using. The instructions for common browsers and operating systems are provided below.

Firefox 2+

  • Windows and Linux: Alt + SHIFT + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Access Key

Google Chrome 3+

  • Windows and Linux: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + OPT + Access Key

Internet Explorer 6 and 7

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key + Enter

Internet Explorer 8+

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key


  • Windows and Mac: SHIFT + ESC + Access Key

Safari 3

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + OPT + Access Key

Safari 4+

  • Windows: Alt + Access Key
  • Mac: Control + Access Key

Social bookmark access keys

On each page, on the right-hand side, there are five social bookmark icons for Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Email, and RSS Feeds. Please use the following keyboard access keys for these icons:

Alt + T (then Enter) - link to Twitter

Alt + F (then Enter) - link to Facebook

Alt + Y (then Enter) - link to You Tube

Alt + E (then Enter) - link to your email client

Alt + R (then Enter) - link to the RSS Feeds page

Alternative text

All images on this site are accompanied by brief alternative text which describes the image or its function. The alternative text is only visible when the browser’s automatic image-loading feature is turned off.

Hyperlinks are accompanied by a text description of the link's purpose or destination. In most cases the description will be in the following format: 'link to the BBC News site - opens in a new window'. Links to external websites and documents always open in a new window. Links within this site open in the window that you are using.

Font size

The font size on this website can be adjusted by selecting a preferred 'A' size using the letters at the top-right of the page. (Please note that at the largest font-size setting you may notice occasional word-wrap errors).

Viewing files

Most content on the site is provided as HTML web pages. Some content is, however, still provided in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files, and Microsoft Word and Excel files. Not all files are in an accessible format, but the AHRC is committed to producing and publishing accessible PDF files in the future. To view PDF files, please download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website (opens in new window).

If you discover a PDF file on the site and you need it to be published in an accessible format, please email communications@ahrc.ukri.org or telephone 01793 41 6000.

Video subtitles and podcast transcripts

The AHRC's videos are hosted by You Tube and embedded in pages on this site, such as in the Watch and Listen section. The AHRC is working towards providing subtitles for all of its videos. The AHRC does not recommend using or endorse the content of You Tube's automatically-generated subtitles/captions as they are inaccurate.

The AHRC's podcasts are provided with transcripts which can be downloaded.

Pdf Policy

Details of how we are making our Pdf's accessible are in our Pdf Policy.

Further Information

The AHRC is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible and that its publications are available to all; if you would like to have any of the publications in large-print or Braille formats, please contact us at communications@ahrc.ukri.org.