Key contacts

For students with grant enquiries

Please see the 'Grants and awards' page with specific programme team contact information. For general grants and awards enquiries please email:


For media, event, and web enquiries, please contact a member of our Communications Team. You can also telephone: 01793 416114 or email:

Head of Communications - Michael Collins

Email: Telephone: 01793 416083. Mobile: 07590 463751

Senior Communications Manager - Tom Forest

Email: Telephone: 01793 416102

Senior Communications Manager - Ellie Fry

Email: Telephone: 01793 416030

Communications Manager - Julie Venis

Email: Telephone: 01793 416020

Digital Communications Manager

Email: Telephone: 01793 416023

Press and Social Media Officer - Joe Lewis

Email: Telephone: 01793 416021

Digital and Content Communications Officer - Mark Briggs

Email: Telephone: 01793 416110

Publications and Content Manager - Emi Spinner

Email: Telephone: 01793 416066

Communications Coordinator - Al Golding

Email: Telephone: 01793 416026

Human Resources

For Human Resources enquiries, including vacancies and the iRecruitment site, please telephone: 01793 867008 or email:


If you are interested in becoming a supplier, please visit the UK Shared Business Services' becoming a supplier page. For all other procurement enquiries, please email:


For all financial enquiries, please email:

Information Technology

Head of Information Technology - Chris Moulsley

Email: Telephone: 01793 44 4500