Grants and awards

We do not fund students directly, instead our postgraduate funding is provided to universities and they select and administer individual student awards, therefore prospective students should contact the institution at which they wish to study to enquire about the funding available.

UKRI Grants

The AHRC works with the UK Research and Innovation Grants Team who provide support for Je-S System users and administrative and transactional activities in support of delivering our funding activities.

Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S)

For applications and proposals: There is a dedicated Helpdesk that provides telephone and email support for the Je-S system for technical assistance with submitting applications and proposals, maintenance requests and general information. 

Available between Monday to Friday from 09.00-17.00:
Telephone: 01793 444164

Peer review

About peer reviewing, current applications, meetings, panels, and boards:
Telephone: 01793 41 6060

Post award

Maintenance, updates to existing awards, all other post-award queries:
Telephone: 01793 867121

If you are a postgraduate student please first get in touch with the research organisation at which you are registered. If your research organisation cannot answer query, please contact UK SBS's post-award team using the email address or telephone number above. You can also refer to the Training Grant Funding Guides.


If you require technical support for the researchfish® system, please contact researchfish® themselves via email at

For non-technical enquiries you should contact the Research Outcomes Support Team via email at  or by telephone on 0800 2922 478, Monday-Friday from 08.30-16.30.

AHRC programme teams

If you would like information about subject themes or our grants and awards strategy, please use our general enquiries telephone number or email address, or get in touch with one of our grants and awards teams.

Histories, Culture & Heritage (HCH)

History, philosophy, religious studies, law, art history, conservation of art and textiles, dictionaries and databases, cultural geography, archaeology, classics and library, information and museum studies.

Languages, Literature and Area Studies (LLAS)

English language and literature, life writing, literary and cultural theory, text editing and bibliography; linguistics and modern languages; area studies, post-colonial studies, cultural studies and popular culture; conflict, migration and forced displacement; gender and sexuality, journalism, media and communication studies.

Creative Arts and Digital Humanities (CADH)

Contemporary arts practice, theory in art, design and media, architecture, visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, drama, and theatre studies.

Business Processes & Analysis (BPA)

Head of Business Processes & Analysis – Ian Henderson
Telephone: 01793 416060

Impact and Analysis

Evidence and Analysis Manager - Russell Leake
Telephone: 01793 416035

Strategy and Development Manager - Impact and Sector Analysis - TBC

Peer Review College Co-ordinator - Larissa Desciscio
Telephone: 01793 416044

Peer Review College Co-ordinator - Anneka Storey
Telephone: 01793 416117